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Ayahuasca Can Expand Your Worldview Perspective

Ayahuasca belongs to the Peruvian shaman’s tradition for thousands of years. It is used as a remedy for both physical and mental diseases, and its healing power has brought countless mind-blowing outcomes. In the next following lines, we’ll present a few amazing proprieties of this mysterious brew.

Ayahuasca Can Cure Depression

After only 2 to 3 hours after the brew is ingested, the symptoms of depression instantly disappear, and the person starts experiencing a new reality. Better said, the person gets to meet the true reality, a reality in which fear and suffering are merely foreign concepts.
Ayahuasca contains DMT, a psychoactive chemical element that is said to constantly trigger “spiritual breakthroughs”. The human body, or better said, the pineal gland generates small amounts of DMT. This chemical is the natural element responsible for the creation of our dreams during sleep.
Depression disappears the moment we fully understand “how the world works” and the moment we fully get what’s our purpose on earth.

Ayahuasca Can Cure Cancer

A significant number of cancer patients who have tried Ayahuasca came back home completely healed. Quite shocking, isn’t it?
Donald M. Topping and Margaret De Wys are two interesting examples worth mentioning. He was a university teacher at the Hawaii University, while Margaret used to be a flourishing author. Both of them were diagnosed with colon cancer and both of them have tried ayahuasca ceremonies in different locations. Expectedly, both of them experienced the same type of incredible outcomes.
Ayahuasca creates a “bridge” of communication between you and the body (the body being a corpse with a conscience). Ayahuasca is a sacred feminine entity that helps you establish this special connection (with your body). It can be perceived as a nurturing entity that cleans your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies from any unwanted elements that can limit your ability to learn during the ritual.

Ayahuasca Can Heal PTSD

Many war veterans who experienced devastating moments have chosen to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies. Most of them chose this because the drugs they were taking weren’t doing anything except worsening their situation.
Because of this reason, they took courage and went to the Amazonian basin to meet this mysterious entity. After a few ceremonies, all the disruptive emotional baggage was completely removed, and a new way of perceiving life was instantly born. They were offered “a way out”. The medicinal drink removes suicidal thoughts and significantly lowers the symptoms of past traumas.

Ayahuasca Can Expand Your Perspective

The purpose of these ceremonies is to offer your knowledge that has been long forgotten. More than that, it offers you a chance to know yourself better. Ayahuasca can offer you a better understanding of the multiplicity of experiences that you’ve lived until the present moment, showing you the true meaning all the things in your life.
Ayahuasca will always show you only what you need to know and feel in that moment. “She” will always know what you truly need, and she will always be present and ready to help during the ceremonies.

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