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Terapia Bowen – The Amazing Benefits of Apricot Seeds
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The Amazing Benefits of Apricot Seeds

The Amazing Benefits of Apricot Seeds

Apricot seeds contain proteins, fatty acids, vitamin A, C, and B, as well as minerals such as iron and magnesium. Frequently consumed in moderate doses, apricot seeds can improve your health condition. Apricot seeds contain vitamin B17, which is also called “amygdalin”. This vitamin considerably improves the power of the person’s immunity system, helping the body to fight against the cancer cells.

For breast and lung cancer, apricot seed diets are extremely recommended to be consumed for a period of 1 month, but there must be two breaks of one week between the start and the end of the diet. For colon cancer, besides the apricot seeds, eating fresh apricot fruits can bring significant health improvements because these fruits contain pectin, a soluble food fiber that does not only fight the colon cancer cells but also lowers the cholesterol levels while sustaining and moderating the glucose concentration in the blood.

The quantity of apricot seeds that you introduce in your daily nutrition is important because, besides their healthy elements, small amounts of cyanide can be found within. That is why a moderate highly dosage and breaks between diets are two highly recommended practices.Because apricot seeds contain phosphor and lecithin, the apricot seeds improve the clarity of the mind and also the memory system. Consuming 5-10 seeds/day during a 14-days timeframe is sufficient. 

Apricot seeds are also recommended for combating the biliary lithiasis because they help the body eliminate the gallstones which are formed due to high cholesterol levels or due to a gallbladder dysfunction.

The stress, which is our daily number, one enemy, can be simply diminished. You should try it – eat 5-8 apricot seeds per day for 30 days (don’t forget about 1-week break after each diet week). The Vitamin C, E, and the beta-carotene components help your body stay young while improving the muscle’s tonus.

Because the seeds contain potassium, they’re also a great medicine for hypertensive individuals who present abnormal heartbeat levels.

Apricot oil can be extracted from the apricot kernels, and it can be later used for the creation of moisturizers for aromatherapy massages.

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