Trust your body!

Acknowledging that true healing is the result of nature’s powers will allow us to understand that our doctor is merely a tool through which nature plays its role. Unlike most individuals believe, the concept of “healing” is a nature’s virtue. Modern doctors? They interpret it, they impose their authority on it, and they believe that they “own it”. That’s far from the truth!

I always enjoyed helping people in every way I could. I have studied a lot of medical techniques throughout my life, hoping to find real methods for true healing. Unlike a lot of medical and therapeutic practices I ran into, methods that were hurting the person’s body more than they could ever help, the Bowen therapy is one of the few practices that “does it differently”, placing the human body in absolute harmony.

The Bowen therapy fully acknowledges the fact that our bodies possess an “internal healer”. Simply put, the Bowen therapy activates (and enhances) your inner healing powers.

A true therapist will always seek the best healing techniques for his patients not because he wants more money but because he really cares. A therapist doesn’t need anyone’s permission to help the people around him, and he will never be subject to external pressures even if it costs him his career.

Here’s an important advice: whenever you seek a solution to a medical problem, you must always pay critical attention to the doctor you choose. I’m not talking about certifications, CV, or fame. I’m strictly referring to the doctor’s genuine intentions – choose doctors that have a strong will to GIVE, not to RECEIVE.

The intuition, desires, and purpose of a therapist are directly proportional to his ability to heal, no matter what techniques he is using. The therapist who doesn’t resonate nor empathizes with the people around him will never gain access to real therapeutic powers.

Every time you choose a doctor to solve your problems, don’t judge the status of the person. Trust yourself and allow your intuition to put you on the right path!

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”  Theophrastus Paracelsus

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