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cum poti avea un organism alcalin

How Can You Have an Alkaline Body?

To fully enjoy health, energy, and daily vitality, you must alkalinize your body. Many scientists consider that the blood acidity is the main cause of the modern age illnesses. When ...

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Our website is designed to connect and help people, find the best Bowen practitioner in Cluj-Napoca. One of the main reasons why the website was created was to increase people awareness about Bowen therapy. Here you can find info regarding everything you need to know about this amazing technique. It contains articles and links to trusted sources and features a few videos that will explain everything you need to know. More than that, the site lets you make your appointments online in just a few seconds. Every info regarding Bowen therapy that is featured on this site is approved by Bowtech Australia, including myself. I am certified by Bowtech Australia to practice this technique. will make sure that you have all the info you need in order to make a conscious decision about trying this unique therapy.

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