Trust your body!
When I first visited Alexander, the severity of my cervical neck pain was almost unbearable. After the very first session, my stiff neck became more relaxed and the pain has slowly decreased. Here’s what I consider amazing: after a few days, just like Alexander suggested, my pain gradually went away because my body has started to fix the pain on its own. At this moment, I’m continuing the Bowen therapy to “fix” my lower back and hips. Throughout the therapy, I felt a special and pleasant warmth in different parts of my body. I chose Alexander over other therapists due to his amazing positive energy and vibe!
Dana Werner
56 years
I’m 88 years old. Besides the “regular” health issues that come with the age, I’m mostly bothered by my insomnia, which influences both my mental and physical strength in upsetting ways. After 3 Bowen therapy sessions, I was able to sleep more hours per night and the time I took to fall asleep has significantly reduced. My lower back pain is also better, so I’m definitely going to continue this therapy for the health and wellbeing benefits it brings!
Vaida Felicia
88 years
I chose this therapy because many friends of mine have already tried it and reported positive experiences. I was skeptical at first, even though they’ve shown significant health improvements that they were previously complaining about. Because I’m a professional athlete, I started to feel acute pain in multiple joints. The pain got stronger, so I chose to try the Bowen therapy. It took me 4 sessions for my joint pain to COMPLETELY disappear. Out of all the therapies I ever tried, Bowen has worked perfectly for me. It was relaxing, effective, and joyful (because of Alexander). I truly recommend this therapy to every individual who’s suffering from joint pain!
Marian Pop
28 years
Up until now, I haven’t really experienced such a life-changing, relaxing, and efficient therapy. I’m very stressed person because I work for a bank. I come across lots of problems and challenges each day and my levels of stress continue to rise. I chose to try this therapy because I could no longer take it – I felt like my body is dying every single day, so I had to do something. I tried the Bowen therapy with Alexander, and after just 2 sessions, I felt like a different person was born within me. Obviously, my daily work became easier because my BODY wouldn’t let me stress again. I have never experienced something like this. I warmly recommend this therapy to every individual who’s “swimming” in stress on a daily basis.
Carla Prodan
34 years
I chose the Bowen therapy the moment a urology doctor diagnosed me with epididymitis. When I started the therapy, my pubic area was hurting so bad. If I were to scale it, I’d give my pain 9 out of 10 on a general pain scale. After a few sessions, the pain has slowly started to diminish. After approximatively 10 sessions, the pain completely disappeared. At this moment, I keep using this therapy to keep my body in good shape. Besides that, my digestive system has improved in every way and I no longer feel pain whenever I engage in increased physical effort.
Eugen Miron
56 years
After observing my husband’s remarkable health improvements and after discussing with my therapist, I decided to start the Bowen therapy hoping to fix my most disturbing problems. The symptoms I was confronting were insomnia states and deep pain in my legs. After 2 sessions I sleep much better at night, my pain leg is way less intense, and my present mental state has significantly improved. I’m definitely continuing this therapy due to the mentioned real reasons.
Monica Miron
51 years
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